Medicare Update V6

  • new Patient Claim, in which patient makes full payment to practice first, and the practice submits the claim on behalf of the patient. Then Medicare pays the patient direct
  • new Veterans Jobs claiming, which you can now claim for spectacles and contact lenses electronically to DVA
  • Veterans Consultation claiming which you do not need to send in paper copy any more
  • Medicare Bulk Billing, which you can now send claims older than 6 months (upto 2 years)
  • new Validation function for Medicare and Veterans, which checks the Medicare and Veterans’ number, reference number, issue number, name and date of birth (not eligibility)

Before you install Medicare update, review the user manual for information about installing Medicare, setup PSI file and to learn about online submit for Medicare / Veterans affairs, that can impact your installation experience or use of the product.
Backup your SUNIX system data before updating the system.

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