Sunix Areas of Expertise

As a Sunix Registered Support Customer, you are able to upgrade at any time to the most recent version of the Sunix Application that you purchased or subscribed to.

Support Agreements operate for a 12 month term, and provide peace of mind for your staff that help is on hand.

Contacting the Sunix Support Team

Our Registered Support Customers may contact the SUNIX Support Team for assistance with their SUNIX Application.

Standard Business Support Hours: Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm, Sydney time.

Week of 11 – 17 April 2022 : Unfortunately a number of our team are presently unwell with COVID19 this week and we are operating with a reduced Support staff capacity. Please bear with us as we prioritise any emergency and priority incidents. The response time for non-critical incidents may be extended.

If your business is experiencing a critical incident please email us with the word “EMERGENCY” in the subject line, or send a SMS to the Emergency Line (see details below).

Planning an Upgrade or Changes to Your System

If you are planning to upgrade or modifying your system outside business hours, please contact our Support Team during business hours, at least 1 day prior to undertaking your planned changes, so that we can have someone available to provide support if needed.

Emergency Out-Of-Hours Support

If you experience a critical system failure outside of business hours, you may contact our Critical Support team member for assistance. Please send an SMS to +61481073808 and include the following details: Your Name, Store Name, Contact Phone Number, and a brief description of the issue.

Additional charges may apply for out-of-hours emergency support.

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